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Funny things happening to my display.

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Hi All,

I think this is the correct please to post but if not sorry. I have got an AMD Phenom II X6 3.3 GHz Processor with 8GB ram I have installed Windows 7 a few days ago and sometimes my screen acts funny like it move left to right quickly I have noticed it happening more when I'm on YouTube. At first I through it was my screen but I change it over with a 1 month old screen and I got the same issue. I plug my screen into my AMD radeon hd 6700 what is 1 week old and also I have updated the drivers and install the over software for my graphic card but I still get the screen issue .

Can anyone help me out.

Thanks all:)
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see if your current one has a second input and switch to that on your pc.
Perhaps if your on VGA switch to DVI or vise versa.....
If Not perhaps download a Linux live CD and see if you get the same issue from booting to that.
Does your MOBO have a video out? If So take the video card out and see if it happens.

Good Luck thumb.gif
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My main screen is connected to my graphic card by DVI and my second screen is connected by VGA also my motherboard dose not have any screen inputs. When I boot into my Linix on my HDD I don't get the same problem. I run an 64bit Windows 7 and I download 64bit Java could that be an issue my mate thinks it might be but I'm unsure.
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Uninstall and see if it helps. ~Although i am pretty sure YouTube doesn't have a whole lot of Java
Sounds like it is software related.
Now you said you have a dual mon set-up, when it goes "crazy" is it on both monitors or just one?
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I always through YouTube only needs Flash player so that is why I through it want be java and when my screen go crazy it is both of them.
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OK its one of two things, something in the software [could be java] or perhaps your GPU
I don't know if you have any spare GPUs laying around to swap and test...but that is one option.

Second Option:
Grab a spare Hard drive and reinstall windows see if it continues.

Other than that i am not sure.
Sorry i couldn't be more help
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Ok thanks for the help mate. I will try your tips later:)
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