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GTX 580 Integrated Heat Spreader

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Hello everyone.
I am getting ready to purchase my 2nd GTX 580 for SLI. I bought 2 EK blocks and one PNY gtx 580 last August.The card and blocks I have are the "with" Integrated Heat Spreader design. I purchased my PNY card and 2 EK blocks (EK-FC570/580 GTX+ for Nvidia GTX 570/580 Reference Design - Acetal) last August. I now see that EK also sells a EK 580 GTX DirectGPU IHS-Less VGA Liquid Cooling Block. This is because EVGA and I don't know else started shipping GTX 580 cards no later than last October w/o IHS. Here is a EVGA thread regarding IHS problems:
Has anyone ever got a card w/o the Integrated Heat Spreader from any other manufacturer, such as PNY, MSI, ect...?
Has EVGA gone back to using the IHS? Jacob at EVGA said all of the 580 Classified use the IHS.
I certainly don't want to end up with a card that won't work with the 2nd water block I already have because of this.
Thank's in advance for any information or opinions.
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To my understanding Nvidia ships their chips with the IHS already on. This reduces the chances of vendors such as EVGA from hitting transistors and killing chips. Basically a protection measure... No never heard of it without and IHS unless you manually remove it yourself....interesting
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Interesting, yes. Did you check the link I included in my post? EVGA was shippinng lots of 580's without the IHS. Jacob at EVGA said today on my thread over there: "It can vary, most and especially new cards will have IHS".
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