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I recently completed my build with the cooler master storm sniper case about a month ago. It came with 1x front intake 200mm fan (blue led), 1x top 200mm exhaust fan (blue led), 1x side intake 200mm fan (blue led), and 1x rear exhaust 120mm fan (non led). The top fan can be replaced with 2x 120mm fans, rear can be swapped for 1x 80mm or 1x 90mm fan, Side can be swapped for 2x 120mm fan, the bottom also supports a 140mm or 120mm fan.
So what I am asking is what additional fans should I buy to get the best cooling setup for my case. Also I would like to be able to get the same blue color as the ones that came with it. Are the stock fans good enough to keep or should I replace them as well?

EDIT: Also I am considering buying the side window panel for the case, but I would then lose side fan. Worth it or....