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Green Man Gaming - Refer a Friend

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A few of you may know of a site called Green Man Gaming. It offers a selection of PC games that are either available from their own capsule software or DRM such as steam and origin.

At the moment they are running a promotion where if you have spent at least $10.00 and refer a friend, the friend receives $10.00 credit for their first purchase of a game. What makes it even better though, is if they spend over $12.00 on their purchase, then you the referrer get $10.00 added to your own account for the first 5 referrals (and then $2.00 per refferal purchase after that). No matter how many people you refer they will still receive $10.00 credit!

Share this link with your friends and when they start buying, you’ll start earning. For every friend you refer, they will receive $10.00 credit in their account. When they spend a minimum of $12.00, we will credit your account $10.00 (limited to 5 friends). If you refer more than 5 people, we will continue to credit your account by $2.00 for each person who spends $12.00 with us and your friends will continue to receive the full $10.00 credit to spend on their first order.

Here is some more information about the promotion:


If anyone feels like helping me get Mass Effect 3 create your account using this link:


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Hi guys, I assume none of you are receiving the $10.00 credit after using the referral link. I am contacting customer support right now to see what the problem is.
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