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Hello everybody,
Its my first post here, hop you guys can help me.

In sum I'm an idiot . and this is how I bricked my card.

sins my GC came with an underclocked GPU 775Mhz instead of 850Mhz, I have had the crazy idea of flashing my HD 6770 with this BIOS just to have a 850Mhz natively and avoid oveclocking it with trixx each time.
For the flash I'v used TechPowerUp Radeon Bios Editor + ATI Winflash method, everything ended successfully, But after shutting down the PC , the GC wont boot , just black screen.
I'v tried to restor the original BIOS I'v saved with PEG/PCI method using an old PCI VGA and atiflash under DOS, but the problem is atiflash wont recognize it, it says no adapter found.
I'v checked my PC bios to find out if the card is recognized, Yes , it is

so is there any alternative or some hop to revive this card??