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I've tested my Sabertooth P67 rev B3 with 4 high-end PSU, with the same symptoms. After reading this thread, I bought the cheapest PSU I could find (LEPA N400-SA) and the motherboard now works properly.
So I think the idea that the MB cannot handle good PSUs was correct, it only works with cheap stuff.
BTW I tried to RMA the MB and they sent it back to me saying "it's working".
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In case it helps someone, here is the list of what I tested:

LEPA N400: works ok
Seasonic X460: runs but resume freeze
Seasonic X560: runs but resume freeze
Silverstone ST-45-NF: doesn't even start
(I don't have the ref of the last one I tested)

Note this MB doesn't even start with the Silverstone, it seems this MB is very very picky regarding PSUs.
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Yeah I am getting the same **** with the same system.... (too much to do it for an identical check).

My Sabretooth worked fine, toss it into suspend at night and kick start it in the morning and everything worked - straight out of suspend and into work again.

Then my power supply keeled over dead...

And I put in a Corsair HX650 and it's fine - works well - until I toss it into suspend...... and then it sort of half starts about 3 or 4 times and usually reboots from scratch.

But I use Linux, so it's no coding problem with Windoze.

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No it's definitly the sabertooth which is incompatible with modern PSU. You have to use old ones, or change the MB. I chosed to switch to an Asrock Z77 and it's everything works fine - and faster.
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