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About a week ago I started having this issue with my graphics card when after starting my PC, the card would instantly show maximum load and rise in temperature (to around 89°C). Effectively, the card behaves as it would be like five years old, without being capable of even moving a window or desktop without severe stutter.
I have no idea why this would happen, I've had it for one and a half year without a single problem. Just before this started happening I got an OCZ Vertex Plus 120GB SSD to use as a new C: drive, on which I installed the exact same drivers (11.12) as on the old drive. I remember that after that reboot the drivers crashed, but recovered at once. The next time I started the PC the problems began. However, the driver crash did'n happen again. Until two days later when I tried fixing this by installing the 12.1 drivers. After the reboot the crash happened again and the max load problems were still there.
It feels like the drivers "break" after installation and cause these problems.

Oh, and another weird thing: If I go to Device Manager and disable and enable the graphics card, the problems disappear until the next reboot.
Anyone know what's going on? Is my card physically broken? I haven't moved it since long ago and it has never overheated as far as I know.

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