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I just got my 2700k and decided it was time to see what it could do, so naturally, I installed it and booted up the BIOS on my z68a-gd65 g3. I set it at a minor 4.5ghz, just to get a sense of the temps I'd be working with, saved and reset. Everything booted fine, until I got to my OS. It froze on the bootloader(grub as I'm using Arch Linux). I went back to the BIOS and set it at default. It booted. I went back and started playing with the usual power saving settings, still nothing. I tried several Linuz live CDs to see if it was an issue with my SSD or my OS and they behaved the exact same way. I haven't done a real serious OC on a sandy CPU, so I then dug up some youtube tutorials thinking I missed something. I followed the steps to the letter, and the board behaved the exact same way. I am at a total loss. The settings are as follows:

Multi [x45]
PLL overvoltage [Enabled]
EIST [Disabled]
XMP [Disabled]
Spread Spectrum [Enabled]
Vdroop [Auto]
All other voltage controls [Auto]
Limit CPUID Max [Disabled]
Execute Disable Bit [Enabled]
Intel Virtualization [Enabled]
C1E [Disabled]
Overspeed Protection [Disabled]
all 4 ratio cores set to 45

The system is:
z68a-gd65 g3
gskill ripjaws x 4gb 1600 x4
Ultra x3 1600w PSU
EVGA 560 Ti 448 core Classified
Crucial m4 60gb(boot drive)
XSPC Rasa 750 RS360 (cooling CPU only)
Cooler Master HAF 932

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.