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Yep, nozzles at top to avoid air bubbles. As for fans, my testing was with internal rads. But I see where you are going. Does your case have fan at top? If fan at top, then front fan and back fan could be intake and use top for exhaust. Then rad you could try either way, you could have it blowing away from the case (1 fan would be kinda fighting each other if too close, but if distance between rad and case is enough it would work) or if rad and case too close then go the other way. But may take some trial and error, I havent done any testing with setup you propose.

Actually I was thinking the same thing before when I write last comment and it makes sense. I have cm 690 case so you probably familiar with fan positioning. smile.gif
Until I find better case that fits quad rad I must take along with this one. redface.gif
One of my ideas was to place rad horizontal at right case side panel using custom made rad holders. I'm still not sure cause my right side has to be near the wall so it pull another debate since fans need some space to suck and blow....