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How should my loop go?

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I will be getting two water-cooled gpu's and water-cooling my cpu. I will have a pump, reservoir, a 240 rad and 360 rad. Im not sure how my loop should go.

ps: I just thought of this could you have two pumps? and would it be effective?
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For the actual setup of the loop it should not matter, just have the reservoir feed into the pump, you dont want the pump to run while its dry. The setup for the loop should not affect performance, if any its very small amounts. Two pumps could sometimes be counter productive, if one pumps pushing too much into the other pump it can cause damage. With your setup a 35x or a 655 should be enough if I am not mistaken.
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So it could go like this:

1. Res
2. Pump
3. Rad
4. Other Rad
5. CPU
6. GPU
7. GPU
8. Back to res?
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Depending on your case and where you are going to put your rads. What type of reservoir are you going to have? Are you putting your 2 rads next to each other? And you are getting the GPU + CPU Blocks I assume.

Assuming your 360 is on top, and 240 is somewhere in the middle.
1) Res
2) Pump
3) 240
4) GPU
5) GPU
*6) CPU
*7) Rad
8) Res

6 and 7 can swap if you want it to. This is just for an idea, overall it depends on what you want. Do you care how much tubing you are using? Are you going for the cleanest look? External rads? Internal rads?
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All internal, and I think the least amount of tubes because wont that put less stress on the pump (correct me if my worng). And the 240 will be at the bottom and the 360 at the top.
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First nice to dive into WC, I did it and love it

second check this thread out http://www.overclock.net/t/226970/updated-water-cooling-essential-threads
check all those threads and it will answer a lot of your questions.

last to actually answer your 2 questions a. two pumps in serial does increase flow, but you will probably not need it if you get a solid pump. b. i would do whatever gives you the cleanest looking loop, easiest to drain/fill, and lastly uses the least amount of tubing.

this is generally something like Res>Pump>CPU>Top Rad>GPU>GPU>Bottom Rad>Res

this all depends on where your res and pump are, but it is best to have res right before pump

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Ok thanks
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