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I'm quite new to this and have a question. I just flashed the new bios update 3201 and ran into a bit of trouble. With the old bios 0301 I was able to easily auto tune it to 4.6 with no problems. But after getting this 3201 I was only able to get it to 4.3 on the first try so I reset and tried again. But after several tries it will not even get to 4.1. Has anyone else ran into this problem, or am I the lucky one.
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Try flashing the BIOS again using these steps:

1. Clear CMOS using the mobo jumper.
2. Once booted, reset to defaults in the BIOS.
3. Flash BIOS.
4. Reset to defaults in BIOS.

I had a similar problem with the P8Z68-V Pro (non GEN3) mobo, and reflashing the BIOS fixed the problem for me.
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