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Hey I hope I am not to noob for this!

MOBO - MSI 970A-G45 with OC Genie 1 click overclocking
Video - ASUS ENGT440
Gskill Ripjaw - 16gb (2x8gb) DDR3 SDRAM 1333mhz
OCZ - ZS Series 750W 80plus PSU
Corsair Force GT 120gb SSD Sata 3

My questions are:
If I turn on the OC 1 click does that automatically set the proper clock settings or does that just open them up for me to set?
(Which the one click is on)
I Have Smart Dr which monitors fan speed and GPU Temp which GPU temp stays around 50c
below that is meter sliders for graphics Engine, Shader, & Memory
Each are set in the middle default.
Engine - 822 can go to 1022
Shader - 1644 can go to 2045 but the red line area is 1850
Memory - DDR 3200 can go to 3600
Is 822 1645 3200 good settings or should I change these and what would you suggest. Or can I change these at all?
Just a couple of things I just built this 2/2/12 and it is just not running as fast as I would think a new build with this much in it should at times
it takes a couple of seconds for it to load pics I have tried to find the slowest loading web pages to test it and it can take a bit to load it. I am running
Charter cable decent speed should not be this slow. When I load a Picture in the MS viewer it takes a sec to load so that the viewer is trying to load but the buttons are not on the viewer for about 2 secs after box part of viewer, then the pic loads into it after that. around 3secs from the time I click the pic. Video and things run fairly well sometimes web pages take a few seconds to load more than what I think it should. This system is replacing a 6 year old HP and to me
its not to much faster then it was. FYI hard drive is not packed so its not that.
Any help and suggestions would be great thanks!