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Hey guys... quick question.

In an effort to save space in my upcoming build in the drive bays... I was wondering if anybody knows of a way to make 4 (four) 24V pump controllers fit into a single 5.25" bay?

Side-by-side they're over 3cm's too long overall... and top-bottom (i.e standing on their sides) they're 3mm's too tall. Is there enough lee-way in a Extended Ascension from MM for an excess of only 3mm? Like at the top of the 5.25" bay stack? I'm thinking if I maybe ditch the plastic container that houses them that, that might give me another 1mm or 1.5mm, heck maybe even 2mm.

These are what I'm talking about, here. A rough look over the diagrams and the picture for it seem to suggest that the plastic is thick enough to look like 1mm thick each side. So, at best I could be hoping for only 1mm excess... would I be wrong in assuming they would fit?