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FX -6200 Fritz Bench,

running at 4.3gig. (this is the clock i prefer to run at to keep low temps.)


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Hi Jonny,
Seems you have a similar processor to me. I've got the 4170. Did you manage to get a stable overclock out of if? I'm having a terrible time trying to make my 4170 stay stable at 4.8!

I got my FX-4100 stable at 4.7gig couldn't get it stable above that, but that was down to overclocking inexperience.

I don't own it anymore because i'm now the proud owner of the FX-6200, which is my favorite chip I've owned in the last 5 years.

@ Doomsday
FX-4170 is better for gaming
Twoddle mate... it is true that most applications and games only use 2 ... but rubbish that the FX-4170 is better because it has less cores, 3d Mark for example , not the greatest of benching tools for a processor, but it does dissprove that theory, FPS are higher with a 6 core Bulldozer compared to a 4 core bulldozer at the same speed.
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yes at the same speed maybe....It is normal for your CPU to be most powerfull and more expensive. it is normal to have more score in fritz and another program.But I thing on default the 6200 it is slower/ this is my opinion, maybe it is not true - I don`t know... :X

Last week when i bought my procesor, l was going to buy the 6200 but in BULGARIA they still don`t have IT and i bought the 4170 biggrin.gif

My processor cost :
133 euro or 177 $ US

173 Euro or 230 US/$

How much did you pay for yours?
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