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Samsung S23A700D 120hz impressions

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Let me start off by saying that I'm not that knowledgeable with monitors, though I do have experience with games engines, netcode, mice and how refresh rates work.


-Colors are okay, but not amazing. Good for TN.
-Monitor supports 125hz (8.00ms) without a hiccup via custom driver
-Hardware scaling is only possible via custom driver. (Samsung was lazy? EDID for 120/100/60hz @ 1080p only?)
-I have very minor backlight bleeding on most of my panel, but there's a pretty annoying spot on the top left corner.
-3D support is a cool feature. Supports PS3 3D and a couple PC games (Deus EX and Dirt 3) natively.
-Input lag with 3D enabled @120hz is extremely noticeable with a mouse.
-Input lag on 2D may be a con for the hardcore CRT user (around 11ms according to multiple reviews). Since the screen is refreshing at or almost 2x faster than a standard LCD, I personally believe a value around 4.0ms (cg ~250fps) is required for the end user not to perceive anything. It feels slightly floaty in specific games I've been playing for years. (Quake/CS) The effect is of course lessened as I scale to lower hz settings.
-Ghosting: pretty good/minor, but still existent with high speed motion in video games. (Quake for me)
-For some reason my desktop driver reverted back to 60hz after a long sleep. (Might just be my computer/AMD driver, we'll see)
-I got v1 glasses. Would have preferred the newer version for 3D in the daylight. (since they block light on sides)
-No dead pixels at all.

Overall I like this panel and will likely be keeping it unless I can't develop a proper feel before next week. Hardcore CRT users skip.
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have you got a link to the custom driver?
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