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CPU water cooling help with NZXT Switch 810 White Case help

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Hi ok so this is my first ever water cooling build I am planning on buying.

My motherboard will be Asus P9X79 WS S2011 Intel X79 DDR3 ATX
And the cpu will be Intel Core i7-3930K 3.20GHz (Sandybridge-E) Socket LGA2011 Processor - Retail [BX80619I73930K].

My case will be NZXT Switch 810 White Case and I need some help in picking a radiator for the top of the case can someone help me which is the best radiator of this case for cpu loop but the radiator should be around 60 mm thick. Does any one know of any good rads that 60mm thick?

My reservoir will be a Monsoon D5 Premium - Black with Red Trim - Dual Bay Reservoir but I need some help in picking the pump. So which one of these are the best MCP655, MCP655B, PMP450, PMP450S, Laing D5. I need a reliable pump that I can leave on 24 hours as some times I do rendering which I need to leave the computer on overnight. I also want a pump that is quiet as well but is also reliable. I need your help.

I also want a cpu water block. I think the Swiftech Apogee HD water cooling is the one I will go with need some advice is this any good in cpu cooling?
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Any reason why you're set on such a thick radiator?

My 360mm x 30mm rad or even a 420mm x 30mm rad was more then enough to cool down 2600k @5.0ghz, and 2x7970.

If you're not set on the rad then i'd recommend the black ice stealth series either 360 or 420mm, it fits the case without any mods.
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I've been doing some research for my first build as well. Most of those pumps seem to be the same and are re-branded Laing D5's. Most companies give 2 options, a single high speed model, or variable speed model. The Switch 810 leaves a good amount of room between the rad mounts on the top of the case but not sure how thick of a rad you could go with fans mounted. I was looking at the Coolgate/EK 420mm rad up top. (considered the phobya g-changer but requires drilling to mount it) Based on other build logs i've seen it looks to be a tight fit towards the front of the case.
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Someone needs to read the stickies. The answers to all your questions are there. Doesn't matter what D5 you chose, they are all the same, accept for speed control options.

Doesn't really matter too much on the CPU block as long as it's current. Some might have slightly better flow while others might have slightly better thermals.
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I might put a gpu on this just waiting for the NVidia card to come out do you think I could have gtx 680 2 and a cpu loop with the MagiCool Limited Edition "Monsta" 420/360 Triple 120mm / 140mm Xtreme Performance Radiator??????????????????????
Also for the fans I have two opition they are the NF-P14 or CF-V14H so I have to ask which fans should I get for this rad?
ps do I need a top with these pumps as its going in the dangerden Monsoon D5 is this wright?
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