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Much more full feature set than either board, easier to understand if you know what you are looking at as well. I am fully satisfied and will be doing a write up with screen shots as soon as I can get a tripod for my camera so they turn out good. Or maybe a stack of books as a mount lol. I dunno... I don't think i can find books since this thing called the internet was invented.
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About the TZ68K+

I have personally seen this board take an i5 to 5GHz, far from golden it required 1.52v to do so, but for having grabbed it open box on Newegg, I was very impressed with the boards performance and ease of use.

I don't think you went wrong at all, Although I'm still sad TD doesn't carry the E3G3.

E3G3 has to be the most forgiving board I've had my hands in.
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I'm liking it much more now,. I couldn't get my ram to overclock/undervolt/undertime on either of the other two boards... I tjust wouldn't do it. I know it isn't that great of ram lol, and at cas8 stock 1600mhz i didn't expect it to do more than that for the 36 dollars i paid for it. But on this board 1.5v it does the cas8 normal xmp1 timings with a 1t command rate instead of 2t. That is a .15v drop and from 2t to 1t when the other two boards couldn't handle anything at all, not a cas click, not a ..05v nothing. Very impressed with biostar.

I can set the voltage as a solid value or a +whatver from the recommended voltage (offset) so i know what the base voltage is for sure. It has a 3rd option for setting cpu voltage too, I am going to have to do a lengthy lengthy review on this. There is just no way I would recommend either of the other boards I tried over this unless people get bum boards or something from biostar.

Oh, and it lets me set the max wattage i want to allow for long periods of time and for short periods of time instead of just limiting me to 110watts or whatever the MSI did. i think the asus allowed this as well so no knock against it for that.

I am much more well written than my above statements and I promise whatever review I write will be easier to read, I am kinda jotting this down for quick notes to look at, going back to windows 8 preivew now as my SSD's performed MUCH MUCH better in win8 than win 7 with the same optimizations *(sean's guide) for some reason. So i can't stand the slowdown of win7 at the moment.
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and i also know that ram voltage and everything is controlled by the IMC on the cpu, so maybe just better tracing on the board to the ram, or better voltage control to the processor or something. I wouldn't know why it works with this board and didin't with the other two. Just wanted to put it out there that i know how it works so I don't get flamed for saying it.
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