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Thanks, that was quite easy. I spent hours previously looking for that info to no avail. Why can't we just have a "can I run it" type tool to give people the links to the correct programs? Anyways, I'm getti8nd an estimated 9000 points a day before overclocking, I'm assuming that helps out pretty well?

Every little bit helps, thats a pretty good bit of points too.
You have your passkey and such yes?
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Alright I'll tinker with that when im home. Also I don't use hfm cause I could never get it to work

Did you get it sorted out?
Well to date, I don't think HFM works with the v7 client, but for 6.34 and the older GPU clients, you just add a new client to HFM and point the "log folder" to the folder the immediately contains the client files.
So for me, my 6.34 client is ran from a folder labeled "F@H" and resides within a subfolder on my D: drive- in the log folder box, I put in D:\Folding\F@H and thats it.