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Should I switch

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Hey all;

This Getting a good laptop Journey is turning out to be a PITA... LOL I returned the N53sx I got for a G53sx both 15.6" as I was not comfortable with the integrated graphics on it. Now, once I have wiped the HD reformatted, and installed a SSD as a primary on the G53sx I find another retail store offering a G74SX which comes with the exact same options my 15.6" has (IE: i7 2670QM (15" is 2.2 ghz and 17" say 2.0 think it is a typo)both have nvidia gtx560m 2 gig, both have 1TB data, the only real difference is the 17.3" is bigger, and while bigger is not always better (LOL) this laptop is mainly going to be siting on my desk except when we travel on vacations.... and then I know either model is going to be very bulky and not as mobile.

It figures since now I am at the stage to optimize and tweak my SSD which is doing great atm with nothing, Boots in less than 14 seconds ( but then it just has Win7 on it). So if I change I need to do this all over again. Yank HD, put in SSD, reformat, install Win7 then wait while it does 100 plus updates before I use it.

I am not sure if there are any positives aside from the larger screen or if that pretty much is the only difference in performance etc between the two units? Any input or thoughts will be appreciated?

also any tweaks or optimizations for a M4 128 gig will be appreciated

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If you still have the option to upgrade to a larger monitor with the same specs I would just get over with now and do it! If the size you have now is okay than just hold off since doing the SSD will be a pain and time consuming. I would do it though! Good Luck! smile.gif
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asisde from a larger monitor and a few other things, I do not really see any advantage to switching since the one model is the exact same specs and the same price as what I have.... however that being said, one of the online sellers has the 17.3" version with 12 gig of RAM, a Blue ray player and a 3 gig version of the gtx 560m which from my understanding is a lot better than the 2 gig version? and that unit is 100 dollars cheaper.... Though it is from a online seller.... Everything is finished for the most part now on my current 15.6" version except a few more tweaks and such for the SSD. I figure I may as well keep what I have as it is finished and although the 17.3" has much easier access to RAM/ and HDD it still has the GPU hotwired in and not upgradeable at all....
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