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New Motherboard

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Hello guys,

I just got my new motherboard today and got it all hooked up with my liquid cooling. The only question I have is about the drivers, how should i go about installing the new ones. I have been looking around and it looks like the best option for me is to "repair install" with windows 7, so I don't have to lose all my data, then just install the new drivers. I mean if I have to I will do a clean install, but I don't really want to lose everything and I have no way to backup 250 gigs of data.

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You'll want to install the drivers in this order:

Motherboard Chipset
Video Card
Other motherboard features (sound, bluetooth, USB 3)
Add-in cards
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Should I do the repair install for windows first?
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You only need to do the repair install if you can't boot into Windows. If you can boot into Windows just fine, then no repair install needed.

The better question I should have asked is what motherboard do you currently have, and which one are you upgrading to?
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I don't have the old motherboard anymore, but it was a MSI 760GM-P33 and I upgraded to a ASUS M5A97.
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You should be fine for upgrading. You probably won't need to do a repair install. At all. Just install the chipset drivers and you should be good to go. Since you're upgrading from AMD to AMD, there won't be much of a problem at all.
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Ok, thanks alot, just finishing wiring everything up and then I will boot up.
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When I try to boot into windows it blue screens and I tried to boot from the driver disk and I get a bunch of weird stuff...
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If you are blue screening, then you'll need to run a repair install.
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