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I asked another question similar to this on which motherboard I should get and decided on the Asus P9X79. However when I was on I noticed there was multiple versions. I didn't see it before since my budget was limited and I had it set to lowest price.
Long story short I saw a P9X79 for like $209
and other one's ranging up to $320 (which in that case I would just go for the sabertooth).

Also what is "Open Box" on It says some accessories may or may not be included? :/ That doesn't seem right.

I guess my ultimate question is: What is a good "Combo" pack I can buy with the "Intel 3930k" processor and a motherboard. I AM on a budget and the lowest price for a good, long lasting motherboard, with BIOS or whatever for overlocking would be nice. I plan to overclock it to almost as much as I can with a air cooled system and want it to be able to hold my 16Gb of DDR3 1600 RAM & AMD 7970 Processor.