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Oh i finally bought 9hd and it is awful for me, i can't do very precise shots at all ( too slippery mousepad). Can u advice me some pad with better control ( some hard surfaces) and what about comparison S&S and 5C (5L with picture print on it) to 9HD. (better control - worse , more slippery - less slippery)
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9hd has less friction.
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then those both? and what about slippery feel?
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Yes, the 9HD has only a bit of friction. Hard pads are nice and all, but I find they wear down over time for me, and they get less smooth.

I just bought a razer goliathus control, and it is way smoother than my 4HD (same as the 9HD, just smaller) I feel it is the most smooth, but then again, I think the shape of the feet have a large role in this.

If the feet are large (i have a cm storm spawn), a rougher surface that makes less contact with the feet will glide easier, but if the feet are smaller, the mouse will have more grip.

I guess what I'm saying is, that you'll have to look at how your mouse feet are shaped. if I were using razer mice on my control pad, i'm sure it would grip much more since razer uses smaller feet.
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thanks for reply , a little bit hard review but i try to get it xD
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Razer goliahtus control: ok speed stops on right moment not overspeed the target
Razer goliathus speed: more smooth then control version more slippery and not stop on right moment
Steelseries 5L : decent speed with good control and stops good
Qck+: good control ok speed but overspeed sometimes the target but overall stops good
Razer scarab: pretrty speedy but stops on right moment thats very good
Qpad ct: not very fast but ok speed not really precise on clicking
SS 9HD pretty speedy but not to much friction to have fast acurate precise clicking
this what i mean all dependds on mousefeet aswell if i replace mouse feet with different then the normal mousefeet .
the speed ,precise, stopping on target is different and is person depends also and mousespeed

so you cant really say what you guys sugegets something for someone ^^

p.s sorry im not english bad english
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wow biggrin.gif seems that u know everything ) With which mousepad 5L is similiar in feeling of control in your opinion?
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i think non is close at the SS 5L i have lijke 20 mousepads but no one feels te same for me or come close.
I think Qpad CT comes most close nearby from the mousepads ,but it still feels little bit different smile.gif
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When I had it, the Mionix 380 provided a smooth and quick glide yet still allowed me to maintain control. I went with the Goliathus afterwards because I wanted something a little slower and a surface that isn't hard on the skates. The Razer Scarab is a fast pad that allows for nice control as well.
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So what you will choose between goliathus and 5L, pruik6? ) And nice that u find "ur pad" omega125d smile.gif
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