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For Sale:
PNY GTX 465 unlocked to GTX 470

Will Ship To: US48

I have a PNY GTX 465 that I flashed to be an EVGA GTX 470 SC. I have had about 4 of these unlockable gtx 465's, and this is by far the best one I've had. I haven't tried to OC it in a while, but last time I did it did 800mhz core on air, w/ custom fan profile it didn't get over 80c, I don't recall the voltage, but it wasn't at the max.

Only reason I am selling it is because I bought 2 at the time, one PNY, and one EVGA, and the EVGA one is one of the infamous black-screen plagued 400 series cards. I am keeping the picky card, as I have gotten it stable on my htpc, and I wouldn't feel right selling somebody a card that really should be RMA'd and recycled.

I don't need 2 of these cards because it's only for my htpc, and it's a p55 board that doesn't do SLI, and I'm not interested in making it.

The PNY sticker began peeling off from the start, it wasn't aligned correctly, so I replaced that with carbon fiber vinyl.

I have a Swiftech GTX 470 Heatsink available for $25. If you want to use a universal GPU block on it, it's perfect for that. I used a h50 in combo w/ the heatsink, if you want the h50 add another $25, but I don't have the mounting hardware for that, so it'd be a project, IIRC somebody on here is selling adapters for h50's and gtx video cards.
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