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Originally Posted by Domino View Post

The iPhone4 and 4s as the best phone design in history? What is he talking about. The shape and design of the iPhone 4 and 4s is by far the worse phone that needs the utmost attention if you don't have a case. Once dropped, good bye. The SGS II is probably the best phone design ever made.
Anyways...I stopped reading after he said that. I don't like hipster reviews.

It isn't the best, nor the worst design. I've dropped an old unprotected iPhone 4 about 40-50 times, including being dropped straight onto steel tables/table legs and tile floors, it's been submerged twice and is still running without any problems or cosmetic flaws. The phone is a bit more rugged than people make it out to be, unless I just got lucky... 50 times. lachen.gif

I'd get this phone in a heartbeat... if it wasn't on AT&T, the worst provider in my area.
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Originally Posted by For_the_moves View Post

Why would they make something like this then make it exclusive to AT&T? Aren't they the worst carriers in America? I want an international unlocked version!


Now you understand collusion....



I cannot think of anyone in America that wants to be on AT$T's network. And isn't it ultra funny that Sprint, nor Virizon carry Nokia phones. Not even a cheap one, so that we can at least jumpt off the android bandwagon until the premium Window 8 "apollo" phones.


I might just have to go with T-mobile 710, if no other WinPhone carrier bust out with a Nokia phone soon. I really don't want to wait til  June/July when the 900 series finds it way to a respectable US carrier. And again... as almost everyone knows how horrible AT&T is, as sub_rate carrier... so basically anything AT&T does, doesn't matter.


So yes, it would be nice for Microsoft to reconize this about AT&T and bring their premium WinPhones out for any US carrier, (other than AT&T..)   so we can buy one...!!!!











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Originally Posted by Domino View Post

That's like saying, designing a chair with an uncomfortable backing and stating a chair isn't made for comfort...that's wrong.
This is an ergonomic feature that was constantly overlooked. Of course you are going to accidently drop the phone; no one is perfect. I've accidently dropped my SGS 2 on falls that have generated 4x more force needed to break the iphone...and that's just from falling out of my hoodie. The frame of the iPhone 4 and 4s is a joke. What make a phone out of material that is easily broken? I wonder if Apple actually has any engineers designing their things...but then again, Apple is more of a fashion show then anything.

When they said design, I'm pretty sure they meant aesthetically, not in a functional sense. Sure glass breaks easily, but it's easily a sexier material than a piece of plastic. Could you imagine how much OCNers would be flaming if Apple replaced the glass on the Iphone with plastic to make it more shock resistant? "Wow, look at Apple lowering the quality of their products and using "better resistance to shock" as a coy, stupid hipsters buy this crap so easily"

OP, the Lumia 900/800 has by far the best design on any phone imo. It's beautiful yet functional! smexy stuff
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Originally Posted by flyingsaucers View Post

First of all, who the hell buys a top tier smartphone and then carries it around without a case? Second, iPhone 4 is the most durable phone I've ever had, and I actually owned a Nokia 3310 (which is the infamous unbreakable Nokia if you don't know). Seriously, I've literally flung my iPhone into solid concrete (accidentally, obviously) with nothing more than a slim rubber-sleeve case, and I've dropped the thing countless times onto hard surfaces and it's never failed me. Sooo... yeah.

People who are smart enough to get insurance on their top tier smartphone. Cases and screen protectors completely ruin the look and feel imho.
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