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Okay, I'm really stuck here, so I need your help guys...

I recently bought an Auzentech X-Raider for like $28. It uses the CMI8768 processor and has swappable Op-amps. I was considering switching the stock op-amps for some OPA2134PA ones (to get what people call the "Burr Blown sound"). However, I don't know if I should return the Auzentech card and buy the Asus Xonar DG (which I've heard was an excellent performance/price value card), which uses the newer and better Oxygen HD CMI8786 processor (but no swappable op-amps). It's currently for $29.99 ($19.99 with MIR).

So what do you guys think?


EDIT: I think it would be important to say that I primarily listen to electronic music (Trance most of the time). If there is any other cards that would be better, I'm ready to spend a little bit more $$$.
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