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I posted this on Gskill forum also and waiting on response....running currently on only one kit of 12gb.....

I just bought 2 kits of F3-12800CL9T-12GBRL for total 24GB to install in my Asus Rampage III Extreme and having a few issues. I'm not currently overclocking but I may do so at a later date. However I just want to (need to) be able to run my system with 24GB stably either at 1600 or at the very least 1333.

Little history first. I've had this board for over a year now but it was running an Intel I7-950, overclocked via Asus Noobclock (CPU Level-Up) at 3.7ghz and Corsair XMS 12GB at I forget which freq. I wanted to do a mild upgrade to a 980 (because I need additional cores for what I'm doing) and wanted to bump the ram to the max supported. I heard good things about Gskill and got the aforementioned-kit.

My issues:
I installed both kits making sure I matched each channel with one kit. I labeled the kits A and B.
I installed all sticks from Kit A into red banks
I installed all sticks from kit B into black banks
Power on system and BIOS detects 24GB. Good to go. Go into BIOS (version 1502) and notice it's running at 1066. No problem, let me save and exit make sure it runs. Boots into Windows 1 time and asks for a reboot. (new proc installed at the same time.) After reboot it hangs at Windows loading screen. (no BSOD, nothing...just a hung loading splash screen)
I try all sorts of settings. Trust me I'm clueless with the modern MB/Proc overclock and voltage settings/ratios, etc. Last time I overclocked something was in 1998.
Boot to Windows 7 (x64) and it hangs. Hard reset and try a couple more times. Hangs always.
Go back into BIOS and set the XMP profile even though I know it won't work since I have 2 kits of 12 rather than 1 kit of 24.
Boot to Windows and it hangs.
I removed 1 kit and left the red bank. I try XMP, nothing. Hangs on Winboot. All kinds of settings and me getting frustrated until I try below.

Since I cannot get XMP to run properly on even 1 kit, eventually I got it to run at the following settings (and running right now): 1333mhz, 1.62975v DRAM Bus voltage, CPU 1.21875v, QPI 1.2v, IOH 1.11341v. Bclk 133, Timings are (get this) 7,7,7,20, tRFC 107, CR1T. (I know these aren't the specs, and I know the timings are really tight but I was desperate after hours of messing with it I just said what the heck, let's try this and voila!. Boot and stable. However this is not my intent. I want 24GB and stable even if I have to run the spec'd 9,9,9,24. Overclocking is not my intent with this machine. I want staaaaaaaaaaable. (and then I'll try overclocking...)

So yeah, not sure why it's even running at the moment, but it is. If only I can get the second kit to work albeit at looser timings I'll be happy. I'm afraid to even reboot right now for fear it will hang again. I've checked Windows MSCONFIG to make sure the Max Memory setting is unchecked. It was.

Can anyone recommend a sure-fire Asus Rampage III extreme BIOS template for me to run all the ram with all banks populated and the recommended settings? I am not looking to overclock since honestly I suck at it right now. Just want a stable system for Photoshop/VMWare/Gaming. Yes I need 24gb of ram as I found myself just today running out of memory on a huge 3GB .psd file.

I've searched the forum for this specific issue but could not find anyone else in the exact situation as me....I know both kits are good since they each run separately on their own. Just trying to pin down some foolproof boilerplate settings that some may be running.

Sorry for being so untechnical and noob but want to learn more. Assistance and advice greatly appreciated.