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Hello all,

Been reading a ton of websites and at this point I've learned a bit but I'm still pretty confused. I have the new version of the HP Microserver and I have six 3TB hard drives. I want to use this to store all my media and for backup (I also have another storage box where I will backup the Microserver to).

Most of the recommendations for this box are the older Perc's and such which do not support 3TB drives. Then I'm not sure if I should do a
RAID5/6 and if the overhead is worth it on the types of cards I can afford ($300 max). Others have suggested a ZFS type deal for my needs. I would like to be able to run ESXi 5 as the hypervisor and then 3 VMs (windows home 2011 and two other small ones, I have ESXi 5 booting from a USB3 flash drive and that works well). I also have a 64gb fast SSD that I can use for cache if need be. While I want to have as much storage as I can I'm really only willing to give up two drives at most so a RAID 10 is out of the question.

Any help or suggestions wold be greatly appreciated.