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Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 240 vs XSPC EX240

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Hi guys,

I'm almost ready to order the remaining parts of my new watercooling setup but unfortunatley the radiator that I was originally going to buy (XSPC EX240) is out of stock.

Does anyone know how the Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 would compare to the EX240? It is basically the same price but instead of being 30mm thick it is 45mm thick (or so I believe).


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Anyone got any ideas at all?
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Originally Posted by jonnylaris View Post

Anyone got any ideas at all?

I know this is a few yrs old but I have the same question an was wondering if you found your answer?
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Im personally a fan of the Nexxxos line and in fact Im running 2x480 XT45 in my rig. Im not a huge fan of the Xflow version I like the reg version as it has 7 ports...6 in the front and 1 in the rear for draining. Its a well made rad just be sure to flush the rad VERY good. Alphacool rads have lots of particles/flux that are still in the rads. I tend to flush with distilled vinegar and boiling distilled water then flush with distilled water and keep repeating the process until no particles are coming out of the rads.
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went with xt45 alphacool 360mm. This is like the default of radiators, I like it. Don't like nothing about xflow version either.
Didn't get much junk out of it when flushing with boiling distilled water twice. first time few black pieces came out. I'm very particular about just using distilled water to clean an cool. read so many articles/posts of bad experiences n trouble it seems the safest way to me for a clean trouble free loop. I always flush loop after its first setup with boiling or hot distilled water using pump.
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Great!....except I would definitely flush your rad with a diluted vinegar mix....like 10%-15% distilled vinegar. The reason being is flux and other particles aren't water soluble and the acidity in vinegar helps loosen and remove the particulates.
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