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Because it doesn't overclock as well as the the Yamakasi Catleap, my Achieva can only reach 67hz . Only the 2B version of trhe Yamakasi Catleap can be overclock to around 100hz or higher.

I would of order the Yamakasi Catleap but was told by the seller he didn't have anymore 2B version but a lot of people are getting the 2B version by getting the "Perfect Pixel" that's advertise by the seller.

It doesn't really bother me that my monitor doesn't overclock, it's a absolute bargain for £215. A Dell U2711 would of cost me £500 in the UK.

Comparing to my previous of monitor which was a U2311h, it's night and day.
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So that's the only reason? Mine gets here on tuesday, I really like how the monitor looks. Was just wondering if the IQ of the crossovers or pcbank were better. Anyway, I think I won't regret buying this monitor (I got the IPSBS moel from TA_Planet by the way) I asked him to personally inspect the monitor before he shipped it to me and he did, he said he sent a working monitor with no defects and no dead pixels, the model I ordered was not even perfect pixel and he still ensured that the one i'll be getting has 0 dead pixels. Kudos to Kinam (TA_planet). And I don't really care if my monitor can overclock. My friend has the catleap and he overclocks it, the trade-off is the monitor gets really hot. So, even if I could overclock this I won't because wouldn't running this thing "hotter" than normal operating temperatures shorten its lifespan?
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I am blown away by the IQ out of the box, didn't need to tune setting except lowing the brightness a bit. I got 2 dead pixels in the topper left corner but I hardly notice it.

I can't see these monitors getting extremely hot because these monitors are LED back lite not CCFL.
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Looking at the images of all of the monitors the slightly lower price and crap build quality of the Catleap made me choose the better looking Shimian over it. It would be cool to run the monitor at 100hz but I don't need that. The Crossover on the other hand looks very impressive when it comes to build quality.
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^ I didn't understand your post, you found the build quality of the Achieva equivalent to crap but you purchased the Shimian? The Shimian IS a product of Achieva.
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Originally Posted by gsv883 View Post

^ I didn't understand your post, you found the build quality of the Achieva equivalent to crap but you purchased the Shimian? The Shimian IS a product of Achieva.

Oh lol sorry I didn't even notice that xD
I meant to say tht the Catleap looked like crap build quality wise with its cheap shiny plastic.
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If Scribby gets the PCB's situated you may be able to convert the Shimian to the OC model.
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Yeah I was hoping for that smile.gif
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Anyone have experience ordering with bigclothcraft?
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Shimian arrived from bigclothc. Mailed in 12h and arrived very fast. One dead/stuck pixel r+g. No backlight bleed as far as i see. A-grade read on the back. Beautiful colors out of the box, was really suprised with quality, except for more ips glow than on smaller screen (duh..). around 320 usd. Not too bad;)

Seller might have checked pixel perfect since box opened and extra adapter was included. This was not pixel perfect and does have 1 dead one. Not definitve though of course.

edit: forgot to mention that box was mailed original + thin paper wrapping. no added padding or anything but was marked fragile and had only one little scuff. Heard of better packaging from other sellers. Also noticed a yellowish tint on the screen compared to the new ipad.

Edit2: also have left side darker than right side(not so visible with brighter screen) and another dead pixel. Still cheap, not so enjoying anymore though:)
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