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Awesome thanks for this reply it makes me feel more hopeful. I cant see windows but it makes the login sound and the monitor is not s blinking led like when the pc is off. It has the constant light showing there is a source. Tomorrow ill try it on another screen and see what happens and i will attempt to re-attach the cables again. Is it possible the flat headed cable broke? maybe dirty fingers on the gold pins or just being to forceful.

Its good to know that the new PCB fixed your problem, i may buy the pcb even if i can sort this out. Ive wanted higher refresh rates for a while and i can afford it now.

But having to wait for it to arrive will be a long wait lol
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Ok so i just tried the monitor again 2 times. Took out all the cables and also checked the TCON PCB for any obvious signs of frying. Put them all back in making sure the flat cable was in properly. But i still get the same issue, monitor flashes blue until PC is turned on, it goes solid blue and i hear Windows logging in. Continues to have a blank screen with the backlight on.

Should i just order the 120hz PCB?
Its really simple to install now that i have all this experience with taking the scren apart lol. And the cables for the new PCB as you probably know are all the same connection type which are really easy and firm, unlike the flat cable.

Ive also read that my particular south korean monitor is the easiest drop in installation.

And i want dat 120hz. I just dont want to spend $200 and get the same issue.
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Yeah it sound like there something wrong with your TCON PCB if the monitor detects a signal but you get no display. Did you try using a eraser and toothebrush trick on the TCON flat wires' gold tips?
You could just get the OC PCB from overload. I found this other site selling them for a lot less but I don't know if its legit. You should prob stick with overlord...lol cause he other site could be a scam.
Here is the other site link:
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HMmmm that is a tempting price but its a bit weird that they only sell 2 items. But the PCBs look exactly the sameas the Overlord ones.

No i havent tried that fix. Do i just use the eraser to clean off any debris/moisture?

THanks for the link
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I saw on youtube somewhere that you can remove the white flat wire from the TCON PCB. Then gently use a pencil eraser on the gold tips to clean it. Then gently brush it off with a toothbrush. It was a method for fixing screen display problems on a lcd tv..should work for a monitor also..but if you have no display at all i suspect your TCON board is bad.

I am assuming you have the non OC TCON board? If so, you can buy a replacement TCON board for like $40.00..just Google the model number on the TCON board..i think they are on ebay etc...just giving you some options before you drop a couple hundred..lol
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Hey thanks for your help, i tried the rubber fix but had no luck ;( I just bit the bullet and ordered the pcb from overlord, im just crossing my fingers it fixes the problem. ill let you know when its arriving and how i get on.
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Also i was reading that with 1440p, ips and 120hz it exceeds the bandwidth of D-DVI, is that true and do i need a special dvi
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No you dont need a special cable. DVI Dual cable is fine.
I learned how to OC the monitor here 120hz:

Once you get the monitor working go to that forum for discussing the monitor OC,
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Great that clears that up and thanks for the link very useful.
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Originally Posted by newone757 View Post

So you didn't have to do anything special?

How recent did you buy your panel?

Is that the max you can get?

thats awesome either way. I dont think I need 120hz as I will never have the firepower to run current games, But something like 80 would be really nice
atm 105Hz is the max ive gotten smile.gif http://puu.sh/7juHJ.png correction i got to 110Hz http://puu.sh/7k4mj.png and ithink its the lite version i forget yeah the light version :3
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