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Woohoo, today the new PCB arrived and my monitor works again!!! so happy. Not only does it work but its at 110Hz aswell. Incredible smoothness. now 60fps looks **** lol. Thanks for your help guys, im so happy.
Ive noticed on a couple games that there is a thick horizontal line that appears for less than a second then goes away. It re occurs randomly.

Does it sound like an unstable refresh?
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Great to hear that. 110 is the max I have gotten also. Actually i can get 114 if adjust the timings manually in the Nvidia custom resolution tool. But once i try 115 it goes black screen.

I am not sure about the black line. Maybe ask that in the 120hz forum.

Welcome to 110 hz!
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These Overlord PCB's do they work with the Achieva Shimian QH270-Lite ?
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Yer it was the easiest thing ever. Just drop in and replace cables.
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Are you referring to the new simian that is out? I don't think the oc pcb is compatible. Check the overlord forum..I recall this question being asked and the answer was no.
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So this is called the Achieva Shimian club, so I will ask does anyone here own the bigger brother 30" model (QH-300)??

I've been looking to upgrade from a 27" to a 30" for the 16:10 ratio. Specifically this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Achieva-Shimian-QH300-IPSMS-Edge-Pivot-30-AH-IPS-LED-2560x1600-DVI-HDMI-Monitor-/111132539901?pt=Computer_Monitors&hash=item19e003fbfd

Would like to know any insights and how big the bezel is (this appears to be the thinnest of all the Korean 30s)
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I haven't seen anyone discuss the 30 inch. Looks nice though.
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I've searched throughout this thread (going back to a year from today) and haven't found the answer to this question: Where are you getting your replacement (non-Overlord) PCB's?

In November 2013 I purchased the Achieva Shimian QH2700-IPSMS Lite Edge 27" from Amazon. (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00D3DA15U/ref=oh_details_o08_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1)

Literally 2 days after the 90-day "no questions asked" Amazon Prime return period, the power brick went pop-fizzle and my Shimian was dead. Replaced the power pack just to make sure it wasn't *only* the power brick to no avail.

I've been searching all over for a place to purchase a replacement PCB. I really have no need for overclocking and it would be just an unnecessary expense for me. So do any of you know where I can buy a replacement? Or for any of you who decided to OC your monitors and have the old PCB laying around, interested in selling it?

Took apart the monitor casing to look at the PCB and I'm not even seeing a model number. Closest thing is "H-711 Rev.01" that's returning no results anywhere I look. Can post pics if needed. smile.gif

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Post pics
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Here you are. Front and back of the PCB.

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