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alright I see this Motherboard cpu combo and im cuite confised on what ram it needs...

I found the info here

it says
The PDSMi supports Dual channel, ECC unbuffered DDR 2 667/533/400
SDRAM. Both interleaved and non-interleaved memory are supported, so you
may populate any number of DIMM slots. (Populating DIMM#1A,DIMM#1B,
and/or DIMM#2A, DIMM#2B with memory modules of the same size and of
the same type will result in dual channel, two-way interleaved memory which
is faster than the single channel, non-interleaved memory. When ECC memory
is used, it may take 25-40 seconds for the VGA to display.)

ok so it looks like it supports dual channel but what is the ECC unbuffered?
is that the same as saying it has no ECC?
do i need server or desktop ram
ecc or non?
quite confused
also is this a 64bit cpu?

and the I/O shield would that work in the average atx case?
im planing on making a lil cheap, and some used, home server with ubuntu server and samba and ssh

thx for the help smile.gif
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