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BioStar Z68TK+ Overclocking info

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Manufacturer Link:
3yr parts and labor warranty through biostar

Newegg Link for a cool 360degree view and closeups of the board.

Make no mistake! this board, for being a z68 express, is fully capable of some serious overclocking. There is no option left unconfigurable in the bios. I like it's bios/uefi layout and options much better than the MSI Z68A-G45 B3 or the ASUS P8Z68-V LX. Anyone deciding specifically between these boards, there is no reason to go with either of the other two over the BioStar. The MSI board is definitely not for anyone wanting to go over 4GHz with an i5/7 because it limits your wattage due to it only having 3/4 phase power feed. The ASUS if you are really partial to the brand i guess would be comparable to this board although i'm not positive it offers all the options this does and the on-board LAN went out on mine and I had to return it fairly quickly.

I was going to lay out every bios option in a table so you could see all the options available but I decided to just take a video of it, much less work lol. It is quite lengthy, and was taken with my phone, so enjoy what you can, if you have any questions for me feel free to ask.


Will get you there. I know it is hard to see the highlighted items, i tried to move my blinker around as much as possible haha. Thanks, and any additional questions you have about the board I would be happy to answer, just hit me up pm stylez yo! lol

One two weird quirks about the board so far. The Load line calibration is different. The voltage stays constant (very slight .02 mv rise on V CORE) under load when disabled, it droops when enabled. It works well, just backwards compared to most boards I have seen.

There are only 2 USB2.0 ports on the back of the board and the 2 USB3.0's. If you need more than that you will have to use the headers. While there are plenty of headers, the board doesn't come with any Slot adapters with ports on them or anything so you would have to spend extra on them.

I couldn't be happier after trying the other two boards and being pretty disappointed.
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Anyone else that has this board and wants to comment on it that is fine, this is just here so people can find more info on the board if they do a google search or whatever lol.

Hey, one other really cool thing is the Fan Calibration in the Bios/EFI You click on fan calibration and it starts ramping up the PWM to find the max fan rpm then it lowers the PWM til it finds the lowest rpm and it gives you suggested values for the fan control section. Very nice feature. At 4.5ghz I can't hear my cpu fan at all and it is a 92mm screaming monster lol.
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