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thnx for replies...

Now my components are delivered im thinking about switching my fans blow directions..what do you think about my new air flow diagram?

this is my current setup with fans


this is what i m planning for water cooling setup


what do you think about air flow directions?
should i worry about dust covering my rad too fast?
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No leave your current fan scheme, that is the superior one. Blowing hot air from inside the case over the rads wont do you any good. Just have a good 1500-2k rpm exhaust fan in the back. Im pretty much the exact same fan setup as you and I get absolutely no dust inside my case and my 1800 rpm scythe as rear exhaust does just fine. I cut a 140mm aero cool shark into the window of my 800d to blow on the cards, and it works great. And as far as dust goes, I just use three 120mm silverstone dust covers on the top and one 140mm dust cover on the side and they work just fine. I dont notice any sound difference on my fans or temp difference due to restriction. Save yourself the trouble of having to disassemble the rig to thoroughly clean out dust (for me it was gobs of cat hair). All I do now is just take off the dust filter and vaccum it- they are not screwed on, rather I just sit them right over the top of the fans.
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Hello again guys...i just finished my build yesterday and put some test on..here is my results and i need your opinions as well


this is a cpu only loop and my abient is 22 celcius..

idle temps are now : 29 32 35 31

fan speeds are GT AP 15 : 810 rpm

i have flushed my radiator with boiling water and vinegar very well

setup the loop outside of the case and get rid of all bubbles really well and put on working like 24 hrs

i cant find similar 2500k oc templates to compare so if you are using 2500k under wc and can show me your bios template i can do the same and compare delta's

sorry for english and boring messages smile.gif
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