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It looks like the G500 is the only mouse in my price range with 3 side buttons. But I think I might get the Spawn since I have heard good stuff about it and I can have a spare $20 in my pocket.
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The scroll wheel is great. You can scroll really fast, and then press a button and come back to normal mode. Or you can just leave it in one mode or another... Your choice. It has 5 different choices for the DPI, and you can change on the fly with the buttons on the top/side. If you like one set mode however, you can re-program those two buttons to another function.

I have mine setup for: when on desktop, the forward/back buttons correspond to browsing and going back and forth, and the middle button turns music on and off. (My parents and siblings are always stopping me, so it saves a fair amount of time for me), and in games, it is switch camera position (flying in BF3), sprint, and prone.

jcakofhearts495: I respectfully disagree.

As for customization,

Can't go wrong with this price range for a mouse though, and the choice is yours.
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Ok I am really stuck between the CM Storm Spawn and G500 now tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by LegitSticks View Post

Ok I am really stuck between the CM Storm Spawn and G500 now tongue.gif

I would look at it like this.

Do you need three buttons? Could you adapt a keyboard position for one of the buttons?
Do you need the extra pocket change?-if you get the Spawn, what are you doing with the change.
Can you see them/try them at a store? If you can find out which looks/feels more ergonomic, you practically have your choice.

The Spawn looks fine. It has the DPI changing, one less button, and no hyperscroll (that weird scroll thing you can turn on). But it also cost less money.
The G500 is very customizable. (Is that a word), hass three buttons and has hyperscroll. It's paint fades a bit though, and is large.

If you're tight on cash, the Spawn looks great! I've never had any trouble with CoolerMaster regarding customer support either.

Good review for Spawn:http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/CM-Storm-Spawn-Mouse-Review/1226/5
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The G500 is a nice mouse but it's heavy, even without the weights, and the braided cord likes to kink up. When I used the mouse for gaming I found that the scroll wheel wasn't as easy to push down so I assigned the third thumb button as a middle click. The acceleration is very slight to me (on my eXactMat, Scarab, Goliathus and SS 5L) and the LOD is quite low. It can even take quite a bit of raging too... My G500 is doing desktop work as the side scrolling and free-scroll are useful for that task but I could never assign the side scroll to anything gaming related. The onboard memory helps in keeping my settings without having to open up SetPoint/ G500 Gaming Software. The mouse is great if you are into assigning macros.

The Spawn is a great claw grip mouse and I really like the ring finger rest. The tracking is great and the mouse glides smoothly. The cable is a bit thick and may get in the way at times. I really like the response of all the buttons, including the middle click/ scroll and the rubber coating gives it a nice feel and some grip. I could never really stand the grips on the MX-518 and prefer the the sandpaper like feel on the G500 or the rubber pads on the Spawn.
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Thanks, I will get the Spawn then smile.gif
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