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mine original from gainward is 589/500/1402 bandwith 8GB/s pixel fill rate 2.9GB/s oc-ed 712/625/1712 now things are changed i have texture fill rate 3.6GB/s and banwith 10GB/s how much i gain in performance,and i oveclockd wth nbeditor for fan speed and oc ,and gpu dosent have physX becose i change to cpu becose it have more power to process the physx that gpu sorry for my english.
And with what bios i can change this gpu if is possible Overclock is very stable thumb.gif and i have 45 degrees celsius in games

And a list of games that i played at maximul resolution and settings or medium resolutin and medium settings
Half life 2
now at medium:
red alert2
Just Cause 2
Supreme Commander 2
Bioshock 2
18 WoS Extreme Trucker 2
GTA 4 and others:all with 30-44 and somethimes 65 in css and others but in css i get more fps that every game
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