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Anyone familiar with AMD and 3D Monitors?

I am only familiar with Nvidia and its 3D. Pretty much plug and play. How can I set up 3D with this monitor?

The manual sucks and there's no enable 3D in options nor a remote O.o

When I set up 3D on my 55" Sony with Nvidia it was really straight forward. I can't find 3D options in catalyst either.

help? :O

Wow holy crap I just read this:
The Acer HS244HQbmii does not support 1080p @ 120hz due to not having a dual link DVI connection nor a DisplayPort. This will only allow you to play 1080p at 24hz per eye, which is for movies. For games, you'd be forced to play at 720p for 60hz per eye.

This monitor is for 3D movies only? Gaming is forced on 720p? Lame...
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