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When you ran Furmark, you ran it full screen for at least 15 minutes, correct? Were there any display crashes or artifacts?

This is probably just driver related but I can't be too sure since the dumps aren't telling us anything. Given the symptoms you've described with flickering and such, it's really sounding like GPU drivers or the GPU itself. Do you have another GPU at hand to test, or maybe even onboard video to ensure that it's not the GPU itself?

Ultimately, it sounds like after a driver update everything went to hell and there's probably a muck-up in the registry since the uninstalls and reinstalls. I would recommend uninstalling your drivers fully and giving Driver Sweeper or ATI-Man a try in Safe Mode if you haven't already. After you've done that, restart and install the latest drivers.
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Alright ill try that after work, and I could try my onboard gpu or w/e you would call it thats built into the i-5 but I dont have any extra dedicated GPU's. I'll try out that driver sweeper tonight. Thanks a ton for your help man! biggrin.gif
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My pleasure, keep me updated smile.gif
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Mann I really thought that was gonna work cause I saw Physx on there too since it installed with mirrors edge so I used driver sweeper for that and amd drivers but it was still a no go once I reinstalled frown.gif, any other suggestions? xD seems like I'm runnin outa options haha, if worst comes to worse i'll just turn off driver verifier and see if I get another BSOD lol
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If you have Driver Verifier enabled and you're BSOD'ing, please attach those dumps. If not, I recommend enabling it again to see if we get anything new.
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Alright ill attach them, Im pretty sure its the same c9 code every time tho lol
031812-39405-01.zip 202k .zip file
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All of the attached dumps are *C9 bugcheck with HIDCLASS.SYS as the culprit. This is a Microsoft OS USB related driver, and if after reinstalling Windows 7 this still appears, it's very indicative of hardware failure.

Few things before we get to that point:

1. BlueTooth may be an issue here. BlueTooth is sometimes known to cause issues, and your BT drivers are dated from 2009. I don't know if this is the last time drivers were updated for your board, but I can only assume you installed the drivers straight off of the disk that came with the board. So with this being said, move onto step 2.

2. Update every single driver you can for your motherboard to ensure this is not an out of date driver issue. You can either update or uninstall your BlueTooth drivers if you're not even using BlueTooth. Asus' website for update.

3. After you've done that, install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 if you haven't already.

4. Remove the Asus monitoring utility if you have it installed. It is known to cause issues with W7. Also, it's hardly accurate 90% of the time anyway, and if you're going to overclock you're going to be doing that in the BIOS anyway.

After you've done all of this and updated necessary drivers, let me know how things are working. If nothing has changed, before labeling this hardware failure, we're going to update the BIOS. I would recommend doing this last, but you can of course make it your own step #5 if you wish.
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When I go to uninstall the Asus monitoring thing it wants me to get rid of the digi+ vrm tool and stuff, im assuming since im just changing all that stuff in the bios it wont matter to uninstall it right?

So while messing with the asus tool I got a BSOD with code c4 ill post dump and go finish installing drivers and bios updates

031912-18454-01.zip 24k .zip file

And where exactly am I supposed to save the files i DL from asus? tongue.gif
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That's correct, none of that is important, it's just a part of the hardware monitoring program since you can monitor temperatures and voltages with it, but it's never really accurate as I said earlier anyway.

That dump shows the culprit as the Asus Hardware Monitoring program. Go into safe mode and uninstall it if you cannot uninstall it in Windows, see if that provides and positive results.

And it doesn't matter, desktop works fine, downloads folder, etc. They're driver files, you'll just install them once and delete them after.
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Alright will do thanks

alright I updated the chipset drivers, for some reason I cant update bios because when I use the EZ flash in the bios and select the bios update file it tells me that the file is not "EFI Bios" so idk exactly how to update the bios the correct way I guess, gotta go to school so ill try it out later tongue.gif
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