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Hello Sir's and Ladies.

I finally got hands on some money, and as far as my research goes I think that the ASUS VE278Q is the best choice size, affordability, gaming, quality wise.

But I really want some one to disagree with me.

Now I have a Samsung SyncMaster 2232BW, and I want to upgrade to something bigger for larger working area, also I do editing and Gaming.

The price of ASUS VE278Q is about 290 Eur here in Estonia, so Is there something better in the same size ?

I could sacrifice the 2ms for better quality, color reproduction I guess since I am doing editing. But more or less, gaming is a big part of why I am getting it.

Is this a good way to go monitor, or is there something in the same price range. And I mean, withing 30 bucks +- price range.


I didnt just post this cold w/o checking the monitor section about this question, but it seems that everytime some1 asks a similar question like me people do suggest going with 23 or 24 inch monitor, but I'd like to have some size for my monitor. Aka 27 Inches.

Thank you and I will check with you guys in morning.

Have to get some rest before.