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Perhaps keeping performance monitor up or even simple task manager can help you identify where an upgrade would be best placed in your rig.
If the CPU is tapped out during most of your day to day activities then well...

Without knowing more about your general use of the machine, it sounds to me like a video card upgrade is what you are looking for.

I don't want to throw a wrench in your works, but a HDD upgrade can make wonders of difference in perceived speed. Going to a SSD can really add some "snappy" feeling to a rig.

Personally I wouldn't drop $100 on a new CPU if all it buys me is a second or two faster boot times.
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Screen and video recording is 100% CPU, so you're good there. And to answer your question a better CPU may or may not help depending on different factors, such as the game and resolution. Lower resolutions rely on CPU more than GPU and the shared memory on your 4250 will become less of a bottleneck. This does not mean you will see a huge performance and most likely, an unnoticeable change in FPS. In short, its not really worth it to try and upgrade it.
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