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I did want to donate one of my build ideas to the community as a goodwill gesture, as it would require much more TLC than I have available to give it. I had been planning this for a long time, and now I know I will not have the time to carry it out.

Resident Evil Build.
  • Vertical Pedestal Frame
  • Horizontal Motherboard flat on top layer
  • Raccoon City Miniature "Covers the Motherboard" and components. (CPU, Mem, Video cards = under square building structures)
  • Tall Building(s) encapsulates (Functional (2)x 360 Rads)
  • "Hive" Underground and surrounding the (lower) Pedestal frame would be the Hive Octogonal layers (6)
  • "Hive" could contain Optical drive, reservoir, PS, SSD, hard drives

Looking at my Avatar and visualizing a vertical Pillar as a base and flat table for the city, and Hive structure surrounding the lower base.
I had plenty of artwork of course that i was planning to use for internal windows into the Hive etc.

I had planned a Hive working Reservoir "window" filled with water, like the 1st movie showing dead bodies inside. A 2nd would have shown the multiple cloned Alices suspended in Water Globes viewable from the window....sigh.

Some of the artwork I was referencing: