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I got a notebok 4 years ago, asus z99h24jn-sl
Few days ago the display adapter shut down,so i changed the adapter,from N7300gf to AMDhd3650,reinstalled bios file which can light up the 3650 of course.
Here comes the problems:

Firstly ,I installed winXP sp3,PC get bluescreen when shut down everytime ,the fan didn't work either ;
so I got win7 ,bluescreen's solved, the fan problem‘s still continue. I tried several bios,but I still could not get the problem done.

The fan problem details: when starting windows the first time(when the PC is cold),the fan doesn't run all the time from the beginning , and the temperature of CPU got more than 80 ℃ in a short time; then I restart PC, the fan runs all the time till pc's shut down, no matter what the temperature of cpu's .

PS: I am chinese , sorry that I can't speak english well (got sleep in the english class)! And I sincerely looking forward to getting the problem done,much thanks to your brilliant.