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Hello OCN

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Dropping in to say hi to the OCN community.

It all started with wanting to build an uber gaming rig that cost less than the Razer Blade to prove a point. Then the research started and I got sucked into the numbers game... LGA1155 turned into LGA2011, a single GPU turned into "I must have 4 way SLI!", HAF X turned into Cosmos II, 7,200 HDD turned into SATA III SSD, DDR3 PC3 12800 RAM turned into DDR3 PC3 19200 RAM, air cooling turned into water cooling. Now all of a sudden, my rig doesn't cost under $2,800 anymore but rather, triple the price. And I'm always asking myself how I can squeeze a little more. But I guess, that's also why I'm here now.

How many of you share a similar story?

Anyways, I hope to contribute as much to these forums as I have learnt from it. Nice to meet you all. smile.gif
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Sounds like a sweet rig drool.gif Welcome to OCN dude!

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Haven't actually built it. Still waiting for Kepler and trying to learn whatever I can about water cooling since it'll be my first attempt at water cooling tongue.gif
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Welcome to OCN.
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