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Originally Posted by illum View Post

who cares.
Ill just withdraw all my money chill in my house.

You'd probably want to invest in gold since fiat money will be worthless. Plus, everyone else will be doing the same thing.
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Actually SILVER. So far i heard GOLD is almost out but that could be a rumor. Not to mention tons of UV sunscreen this summer just to be safe. I'm skateboarding and i wanna be outside lol. However i ain't worried cuz the sun and earth and the solar system has been around for billions of years. They probably had the same thing long time ago. I'm still waiting for First Contact to push our technology to a better future. I don't wanna wait for questions to be answered. AFTER all we did get a signal last year. Only time can tell. They did decipher it and it says "We are coming." I pray this is a friendly comment on the message. Only we have to wait til we see large space ships entering our sky with bright lights bringing us to a better future and hope.

I still believe we are not alone because the solar system in other areas are EXACTLY laid out the same. May i remind you the system in the universe is WAY older than us and Earth. So there is LIKELY a race of people like us out there but smarter and stronger and perhaps maybe one of them even was here before in the past. Don't pull me the Ancient Alien picture already but i do know we need to be prepared just in case. Lots of food and etc. But remember it's always good to study the old ways too because they survived it well in the old days with no electricity. I still think we will be ok cuz we have tons of SOLAR PANELS now these days. I have a feeling the Government wants to focus on preparing to change the world with better improvements such as enery usage. There's just WAY too much gas going on everywhere. Then again Earth has gone through climate changes in the past but we didn't have emission fuel pushing up the sky and junk of metal in space. All i know is.. 2012 and more.. we will STILL be here. Earth will be going through strange changes. Only WE can change the world and it's hard to convince people to do that because it's the only way to survive. Believe it or not i do want to live on another planet that relies on energy and not fuel. I like to re-live on a clean planet once again.

Think of Terra Nova or the future of Star Trek in someways but we still have a LONG way to go!

The only problem is WE cannot control what the sun does. Let nature takes it's course. If Nature feels like it needs to stop the world one day with electricity then i will respect that and return to the old ways. Looks like i'm gonna have to invest in a gun one day cuz you never know how crazy people can be. I just hope there are a bunch of moral people out there. I honestly think and still hope for a brighter future with BETTER technology where we all DON'T need GAS to drive cars. They need to push science a bit further. Heck i want the GOVERNMENT spend more on Science because Science is the reason we ARE here.

I do believe in a higher being but i cannot discuss religion stuff here but all i know is we'll be still here no matter what.
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Okay, with the faraday cage talk... is this something that's viable for houses or buildings? The cages I saw when I looked it up on wikipedia are all like steel mesh cages with just little holes big enough for a finger. How expensive would it be to line a house with something like that? crazy... I would imagine it would end up being just another layer of material you put up when drywalling I guess. Wire, plumb, insulate, then vapor barrier, faraday cage, drywall. And just be sure the whole building has a layer of the metal mesh. And I assume it would need to be grounded in some way. Or I suppose it could go on the outside under the siding and shingles. That metal mesh that's used as a foundation for stucco seems like what I would imagine would be needed (but that's just a wild guess as I have no idea what thickness, type, or formation of metal would be required).

So... how expensive would that be? Would it add significantly to the cost of a 350k house? Would the windows completely compromise the cage making it worthless? Would cellphones stop working within the house, blocked by the cage? Would it effect your wireless within the house? I could see it blocking the wireless outside the house heh making it impossible for filthy neighbors to hack your internet so that's a plus. Would the weight of all that metal necessitate stronger buildings or be negligible in the grand scheme of things? Would the basement need to be caged as well?

And is your fuse panel enough to save your house when all the powerlines get overloaded and fry everything they're connected with? Or would we need a better fuse design at our main breaker? Would it be easier ultimately to just make sure everything that needs it is shielded itself?

Again... I don't think anything will ever be done about any of these risks until the inevitable happens and a large solar flare does hit earth and does cause some of this sort of damage. But the speculating on making our houses fry proof is kinda fun heh biggrin.gif
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