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this is really annoying me. i have a couple sata2 harddrives from seagate, they are 250 gigs each, and when i built my sistem they worked fine for almost a year or so, then they started shutting off and starting back up again by themselves. eventually it go so bad that the computer became unusable. i ran a test that i got from seagate website and it said no errors were found.

what i did then was change the sata cables, and harddrives came back to life! and again they worked fine for like 6 months or maybe a year, and again i started having the same problem of them just shutting down and starting back up again, and eventually it got to the point where they would not be able to start up... they would make constant spooling sounds. so i changed teh cables to new ones and they were up and running flawlessly again.

recently i swiched the cables for the 4th time. I tried 2 brands so far, and both eventually fail me.

I dunno what is wrong, is it the harddrives or the motherboard or what? cables cant be failing like this. i'd buy new harddrives, but they are so expensive now... 2.5 times as much as they used to cost before the floods.

anyways, anyone have ideas what i could do? i dont want to spend money on cables all the time. like i said, i did some tests on the HDs and they found no errors or any kind. (i dont remember what tests they were cause i did them long time ago, but one of them i had to do from a cd during boot up.) i'd put the harddrives in and out of raid, and they would still do the same glitching.
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