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m17x-r1 overclocking

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Is it best to OC my P8600 through the bios or nvidia performance 6.02? What is a safe fsb speed? When using bios i just put it at 1150fsb and everything was good. I put it back to 1066 and used the nvidia and got it too 310mhz which was around 1250fsb and i got the blue screen...lol. But when searching most ppl are telling me that it should be safe up to 1333fsb....just asking b/c I dont want to ruin anything.

Also, I can also OC my RAM from my bios also...any input on a safe speed for that? g'skill pc10600 8gb 9-9-9-15 i believe...

Thanks in advance!

ps: I also DL'd OCCT but didnt quite understand how to see if it was a "safe" speed. I monitored my temps and at 305mhz the cpu averaged between 59c-62c...
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Always overclock through the BIOS. Make sure to test with Prime 95, LinX, or OCCT (any of these will tell you if you aren't stable) when you change FSB. Safe speeds vary with RAM but it doesn't increase performance that much. So it makes sense to reduce the memory multiplier to remove one "variable from the equation". Remember, every CPU/RAM chip/GPU is different what works for one person doesn't always work for the other so be sure to stability test (Prime95, LinX, or OCCT).
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well i dont quite understand the OCCT program i dont guess. I see when you run it, it tells you the core temps but how do i know if it is "stable/safe"? What do I need to look for?
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There should be something about "start test" or Linpack. Try that.
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