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Need help recovering HD4870 X2

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As the title says, my old HD 4870 X2 died couple of days ago, to keep it brief:
It's a Sapphire model of 4870X2. I have started noticing it's degradation shortly after the 2 year warranty has expired. Temperatures on both cores were high, if I remember correctly 105°C/70°C. I have disassembled the card couple of times and applied a clean layer of silver thermal compound. This did the trick last time, card however died (again) after 1 day. I did test the card on 2 PCs - Not a PSU issue.

Here's what the PCs returned:
PC-AM2RX790, AMI Bios: 8 short (Display memory read/write error).
Crosshair IV Formula, AMI Bios: 1 long 2 short (Failure in video system).

I have tried disabling either of the 2 GPUs, no effect.
I've completly no idea of what else to do, anybody knows how to fix it?
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I'm sorry to say this, but it sounds like my Rampage 700 GLH (4870x2 oc version).

-First I got casually random artefacts, but usually more random re-boots (black screen followed by boot) when gaming. Many months passed like this.

-Then it went more serious and after those re-boots when restarting my pc, the catalyst control center didn't even notice I have any AMD card in my system. Now I did that "oven trick" and card revived! Worked like a charm for 3-4 months.

-But then, again black screens/re-boots started to happen.

-Until finally, I got blue screen just before/after windows welcome screen when booting up, but managed to boot in safe-mode anyway.

-Now I tried the oven trick again. But no avail. Nada. Only beebs when powering up (VGA failure). I couldn't get it to warranty because it had waterblock installed. Card lasted about almost 3 years.

Following entry contains serious risk: Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
If theres nothing to do, you can try infamous "oven trick". It worked for me once, but the card lasted only few months after the procedure.

Remember to use extreme caution! This is serious "do-not-try-this-at-home" stuff!

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Thanks for your reply.

It was quite different for me, this is how the degradation went:
For the first 2 years the card ran at its maximum OC of 800MHz Core / 1000MHz Mem with no issues.
Then the card started to distabilize quickly, had to revert back to stock clocks to prevent power downs of the PC (not BSODs) (3 months of stability).
Afterwards it reappeared, found out that restricting the bandwidth of the PCI-E slot restabilized it again (2 months).
For the remaining time until present card was highly unstable, I could not get any 3D application running, GPU refused work straight away. Reapplication of thermal compounds did the trick but for a relatively short period of time.
Now it refuses to work, as described in 1st post.

If there's no more suggestions soon I'll try the owen method, got nothing much to loose
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I cleaned up my answer, because it took time for my brains to remember what the timeframe was.
English is not my native language, so I may sound like 8yo. smile.gif

Remember the oven trick usually doesn't work. If it works, you are lucky. But the problem will most likely happen again.
And it's not fair to sell the card afterwards -even it seems to work fine. And the potential buyer may wonder, "why the stickers has burn marks", haha!
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It seems like all of these guys have different opinions about temperatures and timings, can you remember the temperature and baking time you have used back then for your Rampage 700 GLH?
Also I'm worried about the PCI 6 & 8 pin power connectors melting in the process.

Edit: Going for 200 degrees for 8 minutes, hope it works
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