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I am trying without success to overclock my pc. All I wanted is to run my 920 @ 3.0Ghz.
In fact I already did it and use it for aout a year or more. But It´s very unstable!

I have a very nice cooler I bought for this. Its a Noctua P12, if I am not wrong...

My System:
MB: is an ECS X58b-A2
CPU: i7 920
Ram: 10GB markvision 1333 (used to be 6GB)
Cooler: Noctua Highend

Here are some pictures of my BIOS:

My temperatures are 45º celsius without overclock and 55º with over(Medium Load) so I am pretty sure the problem is related to my ram voltages, cpu voltages or else.

I am not a specialist so I dont play with QPI, VTT, SB voltages...

I am looking at this forums for a long time but it doesnt helped me too much because I didnt find one X58b-A2 motherboard with generic ram to base myself so now I registered here to porst my problem.
Hope someone can help me...