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Originally Posted by OTR joeyTminus View Post

Here ya go, this willprobably be my soon to be setup.

Sager NP9570 / Clevo P570WM

- 17.3" 1080p 6:9 Matte 72% Gamut
- Intel® Core™ i7-3970X Extreme
- Copper Cooling Upgrade
- 32GB - 1600MHz Quad ChanMemory
- x2 750GB 7200RPM HDD
- Raid 0 Stripe Enabled
- Sound Blaster Audio
- 3 Year ADP

So I cut the above list down to things that matter and removed all the gimmicks (or rather most of them). Lets review.

Screen = Find one in person 72% color gamut isn't bad necessarily but it isn't great.
Proc = Great/ Overkill
GPU = Great
Copper Upgrade = Robbery.. They're charging you to use the right parts
32GB = Great/Overkill (You will never use this much ram as a common user or gamer)
128GB SSD Crucial = Good. It's a great drive.
x2 750GB HDD = Good
RAID 0 = BAD. In 95% of scenarios raid in a laptop is a poor option. I explain below. (Gimmick)
Audio card = Good but semi expected in a high end system
3 YR Warranty = Awesome

So this configuration will play anything you want it to. The downside is raid.

Sager is offering you "Raid 0" (Striped Raid) Which puts parts of a file on multiple discs in order to later access from multiple discs at once thus increasing speed. The problem here is that they could impliment it 2 ways.

1. They could RAID all 3 drives (128 GB SSD + x2 750GB HDD) I doubt they would do it this way as they RAID array size can only use the size of the smallest disc (so you would have 128GB SSD + x2 128GB HDD = 384GB Total). The SSD would also be slowed down to the HDD speeds as they are the "Weakest Link".

2. 128GB Unconfigured SSD + x2 750GB RAID 0 Config HDD. In this setup your system would ultimately see two drives. 1 128GB SSD and 1 1.5TB HDD. You will have a slight speed boost on the HDD side but it will most likely go unnoticed. The largest Delay for an HDD is the spin up time which can take 2-3 seconds. Even with a RAID config that spin up time still has to occur. Once the HDD is spinning transfer rates are actually pretty good and for most files this type of RAID array is not necessary.

Why it's "Bad":

Since RAID 0 stripes portions of the data across both drives if either drive ever fails all of the data on both drives is lost. Essentially each time you double the amount of drives in an array with Raid 0 you double the chances of losing all your data. To top that off users inexperienced with RAID could easily change a raid setting or configuration and destroy the array (The drives are find but the array must be rebuilt.. All data is lost).

Good News:

You can most likely remove the raid configuration after purchase. (If you want to)

The best bet is to simply put any files you access often (OS, Web Browser, Applications that run at start) on the SSD while keeping media files (Games, Movies, Music) On the HDD's.

Can I ask what your total cost is here?
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Total cost was around $5300, I set a budget for $5500 so happy with that. I can get this setup with out raid, they give u the option.
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There's nothing in this system that brings it remotely close to that price.

These are mobile parts even if they were desktop parts the GPU's would total $1000 and the CPU $1000. I'd never buy this.

That's me though. To each their own though.
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Would raid 1 be better option?
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Raid 1 is a standard mirror. It simply duplicates all data to the second disk.

If 1 disk fails the raid will normally notify you of the failure but you will still have access to all your files through the raid (it will simply retrieve them from disk 2 for you its all automated)
Once you replace the failed disk with a new one the raid will start reduplicating the data for you.

The downside is space. If you have x2 750GB drives you will effectively have x1 750GB drive. So whether or not raid 1 is worth it is up to you. How worried are you about data redundancy?
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I just don't want to worry about losing data lol.
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Although if most of my important data will be games I can always re-download.
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Well if you have a lot of games or large files i'd recommend going with at least 1TB if you do raid 1 (if it's an option).

Also the same rule applies for raid 1 the smallest drive will be the overall size so if you have x1 1TB and x1 750GB in raid 1 the total size will be 750GB for file storage.
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I just won't get raid, don't need it. Thanks for the feedback btw.
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Anytime. Hope your system works out for you.
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