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Bought a 27QW HDMI DP from ta_planet, shipping was super quick but monitor has been stuck awaiting customs clearance since the 19th in the UK frown.gif Hopefully the wait isn't too long. ta_planet was quick to communicate, seems like a good seller so far.

I didn't buy a pixel perfect version, I'm really not bothered with a few dead pixels at this resolution on a monitor which I'll mostly be working/browsing the web and playing the occasional game. I don't use my PC for watching movies or TV shows (where dead pixels/lightbleed might be more distracting).

£37 for import which includes Parcelforce's rip off handling fee.

Monitor is fantastic. Minor lightbleed, no dead pixels and a great screen. Stand is cheap crap, but I'm going to mount it on a vesa mount.

I get a little buzz and beep when the screen is turned on, or brought back on from standby. Doesn't seem to be an issue though.